027: Favorite Things #10

Wats urp Smellycats. Phil and Mike are giddy to be bringing you another episode of Smellycast. In this episode the cats dust off a segment from many moons ago. FAVORITE THINGS! This is the tenth episode with Favorite Things.

Mike talks about his love of incense and Nag Champa in particular. Mike talks about the Star Wars figurines available from your local Disney Store. Click here to see Leia’s man face. Lastly he talks about the great perks offered by his new job.

Phil’s first favorite thing is Loot Crate (sign up here). The nerd in both of our hosts goos themselves every month when this box comes in the mail. Phil also loves him some special features. He talks about watching the special feats for Star Wars, the Matrix, Indiana Jones, and other films. Phil is also still giddy about the new Fantastic Four movie. Check out the trailer!

Mountain Dew

For the final half of the episode the boys talk Mountain Dew. They rate and review their favorite flavors of Mountain Dew.

Mike – Baja Blast
Phil – Live Wire

Mike – Code Red
Phil – Code Red

Mike – Classic
Phil – Classic

Mike – Sangrita Blast
Phil – Baja Blast

Mike – Black Cherry Kickstart
Phil – Orange Citrus Kickstart

Whew! We love our Mountain Dew. Mmm… so tasty. Yum yum. Share with us what your favorite flavors are.

Also here is proof that Dewitos exists. It is going to happen people! Brace yourselves!


See you all next time!