001: Pilot

Smellycast Episode 001: Pilot

We’re excited to get our podcast up and running! This is our very first episode and we’ll be making more and more and more and more. We may be amateurs now but we plan on becoming professionals. Stay tuned!

In this episode we review the Disney classic animated film The Little Mermaid and the new hit Gravity. We also talk about Grand Theft Auto 5 and several other games coming out on the new platform XBOX One. Later in the podcast we point you to our favorite podcasts and sources of information, and do all of this with the uncomfortable realization that you were listening. So don’t hold it against us (unless it was great, in that case just tell the whole damn world!).

USA Today Article on Jeffrey Katzenberg
Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Twitter Critiques of Gravity
Scriptnotes Podcast Review of The Little Mermaid 
Watch Dogs Live Gameplay Trailer
GTA V Gameplay Footage Trailer
Mike is the king of /r/soda
Interview with GTAV Voice Actors