034: Avengers: Age of Ultron


In this epic episode we start out with some brief talk about our drinks. Phil is slurping on a shake from Sonic and Mike was guzzling the Ginger Beer from the Green Dragon in Hobbiton in New Zealand! After talking soda the boys dive in the beefy cheese of the episode. That is right! Avengers: Age of Ultron. We talk about the different phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you haven’t seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron yet be sure you do! Phil gives it a 4.5/5 stars and Mike gives it a 4/5 stars. Share Smellycast with your friends and stay tuned! We have some exciting shows coming up! xoxo

033: John Mulaney & Travel

product-bottleIn this episode the belly boys talk review Mountain Dew DEWshine. Phillips talks about seeing John Mulaney live and they also discuss his special “New in Town” available on Netflix. Strangely the best part about John Mulaney’s show was Joe Mande opening for him. Check the clip below (or here) for some giggles. Next the button kids talk about their dream travel destinations. We would love to hear what your dream travel spots are so hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and let us know! As always we would love any feedback on the show so tell us what you do and don’t like. xoxo

032: Chitchat

In this episode there wasn’t as much of a plan and more of a desire for the fellows to have some regular hangin out chichat. The boys talk about soda (surprise surprise) and movies (what!? thats new!) and you guessed it television (get the out of town!). They talk about their love for IMAX and the new IMAX near Mike’s home. The talk about the possibility of doing a Star Wars marathon in the theaters before the release of Episode VII. They also watch the new Star Wars teaser together and gush and goo about it. Later they go on to talk about ladies in film, the new Ghostbusters, Casey Neistat, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Silicone Valley, Community, HBO Now, The Comedians and more! Hope you all enjoy the chitchat.

031: Better Call Saul – Season 1

Better Call Saul

In this episode we chat about the new hit show Better Call Saul. We are in love with this show! We give lots of discussion and a bunch of spoilers and theories. It is suggested that if you haven’t seen Better Call Saul yet that you go and watch it and then come back and listen and talk with us. We would love to hear what all of you think about Better Call Saul. Have you seen it? Have you even heard of it? Do you want to see it? What is holding you back? Let us know! xoxo

030: Indiana Jones – Part 2

last kingdom

Part 2 begins now! The boys continue their analysis and discussion about Indiana Jones. In this episode they focus on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. They fight a little and giggle a lot. If you missed part one be sure to go back and listen to it as some of the talking points are revisited in this episode. I don’t think anyone reads this but who knows. Have a blessed day. xoxo

029: Indiana Jones – Part 1

Raiders of the Lost ArkIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

In this episode these pair of wacky, unprofessional, wierdos talk all about Indiana Jones. But wait! Part 1? What on earth does this mean? Well belly boys and girls, “Part 1″ means that there was just too much to talk about so we had to split it into two episodes. Thats right. Double the smelly Indiana Jones talk for your listening pleasure. In Part 1 the fellas talk about Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Stay tuned for part 2 where they will discuss Last Crusade and Crystal Skull. Catcha next time!

028: Trip Report: Las Vegas

Hello belly buttons! In this episode Mike gives us a trip report on his recent adventure to Las Vegas. Phil and Mike also talk about some of their favorite Las Vegas stops. Take a listen and hit us up on Facebook or Twitter with your thoughts. xoxo

Here are some links for more information on the places mentioned in this episode.

Hash House a go go
Secret Pizza
Strip Steak
David Copperfield

Talk to us on Facebook or Twitter about what you love and hate about Las Vegas!

027: Favorite Things #10

Wats urp Smellycats. Phil and Mike are giddy to be bringing you another episode of Smellycast. In this episode the cats dust off a segment from many moons ago. FAVORITE THINGS! This is the tenth episode with Favorite Things.

Mike talks about his love of incense and Nag Champa in particular. Mike talks about the Star Wars figurines available from your local Disney Store. Click here to see Leia’s man face. Lastly he talks about the great perks offered by his new job.

Phil’s first favorite thing is Loot Crate (sign up here). The nerd in both of our hosts goos themselves every month when this box comes in the mail. Phil also loves him some special features. He talks about watching the special feats for Star Wars, the Matrix, Indiana Jones, and other films. Phil is also still giddy about the new Fantastic Four movie. Check out the trailer!

Mountain Dew

For the final half of the episode the boys talk Mountain Dew. They rate and review their favorite flavors of Mountain Dew.

Mike – Baja Blast
Phil – Live Wire

Mike – Code Red
Phil – Code Red

Mike – Classic
Phil – Classic

Mike – Sangrita Blast
Phil – Baja Blast

Mike – Black Cherry Kickstart
Phil – Orange Citrus Kickstart

Whew! We love our Mountain Dew. Mmm… so tasty. Yum yum. Share with us what your favorite flavors are.

Also here is proof that Dewitos exists. It is going to happen people! Brace yourselves!


See you all next time!

026: Talking Film

Hello Smellypeeps! In this episode Phil and Mike get serious about film. Mike swigs a terrific a birch beer. It doesn’t beat his favorite Birch Beer (Pennsylvania Dutch) but it comes close. This birch beer clocks in at 4/5 stars. After talking a little Apple the boys dive into the discussion about film. Phil talks about the great experiences he is currently having at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Mike and Phil also discuss how their tastes have evolved over the last few years and how watching independent and classic films have helped to better refine their tastes.

025: Improv – Reggie & Buck

Here we have maybe the most embarrassing thing that both Mike and Phil have ever done. Lets just preface this with the fact that this was entirely Mike’s idea and Phil is simply a peach for going along with it. Mike’s an idiot. Anyways, this is the very first and possibly only improv episode. Phil and Mike take five minutes at the beginning of the show to establish characters and a story and then proceed to act out the store in the next 15 minutes. Join them as they make complete idiots of themselves while pretending to be Reginald Buckminster and Buck Drexler. Oh boy. You really don’t have to listen if you don’t want to. Apologies in advance.