041: Trip Report: Ecuador

In this episode, Phil takes us to South America and tells of his adventures in Ecuador. Listen in as we hear about the wonderful people, places, and tales of his quest. Phil went down to translate and work with his school SFUAD to help educate young and aspiring film makers to continue to produce quality work from South America. A wonderful trip with wonderful people. Everyone should be jelly to the max.

040: Trip Report: Thailand

Hey hey hey! How are all you Smelly Bellies doing? Here at the Smellycast we have been busy. Well… kind of busy. Not all that busy really. Well actually, we’ve been really busy but not with Smellycast work. We have been slacking. We’re busy! Anyways. In this episode the fellas talk about Mike’s recent trip to Thailand and Cambodia. It was the trip of a lifetime. If any of you have the chance to go to Thailand, Mike seriously recommends it. It is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. Take a listen and learn more about the wonderful country of Thailand. Here are some pictures to get you started.

thailand1 thailand2 thailand3


039: Jurassic World


It’s here! Finally! Phil and Mike have been anxiously awaiting Jurassic World for years! And here it is. Yes Mike reviews a soda (Solo) but let’s just skip to the beefy cheese. They loved this film. It brought back so much nostalgia and joy. Mike squeed during the movie. Phil was giddy and stomping his feet. It delivered in so many great ways. Hear the guys talk about what they loved, what they liked, and what they are scared of in the future. No matter what everyone should go and see Jurassic World.


038: Jurassic Park 1, 2, & 3


Another terrific episode of Smellycast! Let’s talk dinos! Jurassic Park ladies and gents! Phil and Mike love their Jurassic Park. So what better way to celebrate the new Jurassic World movie than to do an entire episode dedicated to the original Jurassic Park trilogy. The guys start with the best and move to the worst. They talk about Jurassic ParkThe Lost World: Jurassic Park, and Jurassic Park III. This is a great episode with lots of Mike and Phil giggles. Hope you enjoy the show!

YouTube: Everything Wrong With Jurassic Park In 3 Minutes Or Less

YouTube: Jurassic Park Cat Raptor

YouTube: Jeff Goldblum laughing for 10 hours straight. This is hilarious.

037: Tomorrowland



In this episode the two buckaroos talk about Tomorrowland! Mike reviews a Taylor’s Tonics Chai Cola. Totally recommends you try it. Phil slurps on a deliciously classic Mountain Dew Baja Blast. The boys enjoyed Tomorrowland but didn’t LOVE it they way they wanted to. They talk about the years of anticipation leading up to the film and how it just didn’t quite fire on all cylinders. The last bit of critical news is that rumors are flying that Tomorrowland’s less than spectacular release has resulted in Disney canceling the production of Tron 3. We encourage you to sign the petition and do your part to revive Tron 3! Click here to sign the petition!



036: Colby

I just lost the game

In this episode the boys introduce you and the Smelly Belly Realm to the man, the myth, the Colby. Colby is a legendary friend of the Mike and the Phil. We review some great sody pops. We talk about Colby’s origin story. We also get into detail about a strange growth behind Phil’s ear. All in all it is a fun episode. Oh oh oh! And of course we talk about the Game! That is right. For those of you that know what we are talking about. I lost. We lost. You all lost! Ahahaha! xoxo

035: Mad Max

10353400_661462377292620_5650103949489993553_oMad Max! This is quite the movie and thus quite the episode! You should be excited. We sure were excited for the movie and it DELIVERED! If you have not see Mad Max you need to. Go and see it. GO AND SEE IT! It redefines the action movie genre. We also talk about the original movies and some of the references to the older trilogy. Also if you are interest be sure to check out the St. John Brewers Root Beer. Delicious!

034: Avengers: Age of Ultron


In this epic episode we start out with some brief talk about our drinks. Phil is slurping on a shake from Sonic and Mike was guzzling the Ginger Beer from the Green Dragon in Hobbiton in New Zealand! After talking soda the boys dive in the beefy cheese of the episode. That is right! Avengers: Age of Ultron. We talk about the different phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you haven’t seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron yet be sure you do! Phil gives it a 4.5/5 stars and Mike gives it a 4/5 stars. Share Smellycast with your friends and stay tuned! We have some exciting shows coming up! xoxo

033: John Mulaney & Travel

product-bottleIn this episode the belly boys talk review Mountain Dew DEWshine. Phillips talks about seeing John Mulaney live and they also discuss his special “New in Town” available on Netflix. Strangely the best part about John Mulaney’s show was Joe Mande opening for him. Check the clip below (or here) for some giggles. Next the button kids talk about their dream travel destinations. We would love to hear what your dream travel spots are so hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and let us know! As always we would love any feedback on the show so tell us what you do and don’t like. xoxo

032: Chitchat

In this episode there wasn’t as much of a plan and more of a desire for the fellows to have some regular hangin out chichat. The boys talk about soda (surprise surprise) and movies (what!? thats new!) and you guessed it television (get the out of town!). They talk about their love for IMAX and the new IMAX near Mike’s home. The talk about the possibility of doing a Star Wars marathon in the theaters before the release of Episode VII. They also watch the new Star Wars teaser together and gush and goo about it. Later they go on to talk about ladies in film, the new Ghostbusters, Casey Neistat, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Silicone Valley, Community, HBO Now, The Comedians and more! Hope you all enjoy the chitchat.